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Say sayonara to spreadsheets.

Klen is the most advanced solution for managing student data. With a beautiful, intuitive dashboard you can make better decisions on how to help your students succeed. Students have higher retention, efficiency and engagement rates when they are engaged with their material.

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All Your Students in One View

A personalized view of
your student's learning.

Get instant access to real-time information on your students' performance and satisfaction scores and use this information to improve their learning outcomes.

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Easy to Use. Easy to Manage.

A comprehensive student management system that makes your job easier.

A complete student lifecycle management platform with capabilities to automate and streamline the handling of all student related activities from initial enrollment up to graduation, and even afterwards when they become alumni.

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Class Management Made Simple

The simple way for teachers to manage their classes and mark assignments.

Manage all of your classes, quizzes, tests without any hassle. You can view the progress of your students as well as analyse their performance in each subject.

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We're currently in private beta. We're primarily targeting teams. Applications will be screened based on fit.

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