Our charter to prospective users

Our initial focus

During the discovery phase of Klen, we spoke to course creators and cohort-based schools and found their success was reliant on three main pillars:

Community, creation & outcomes.

Our initial focus is on increasing the speed of creation, making learning multiplayer and allowing schools to collect insights that enable rapid iteration and improve the outcomes of their students.


One of the core foundations of all cohort based courses and schools is the creation of a strong community. The community stands as the support system for new and graduated students, creating a multiplayer environment and centralising the core functions of a school is our first attempt in enabling school create engaged communities.


We are focusing on making it easier and faster for educators to create content. From your syllabuses to tasks and exercises, being able to create and deploy a task to students as quickly as possible while keeping everyone in sync is one of the areas we are prioritising in our first release.


The outcomes of students are one of the metrics schools use to determine success of a cohort, during our discovery phase we realised it was currently being measured on an ad-hoc basis and still reliant on manual entry into spreadsheets, we realised centralising and automating part of this would mean course creators and schools would be able to measure their outputs more effectively as well as gain insights on how to support students more efficiently.