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The learning experience you can personalise.

Klen is a fresh approach for personalising learning for every student. Designed using  personalised learning techniques, Klen gives teachers and students the opportunity to create their own personalised learning experiences.

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Learn smarter, faster, better.

The learning tool that
adapts to you.

Learning personalisation at scale, adapt teaching to each student's unique profile and understanding, setting them on a journey of discovery that is tailored to their individuality.

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learning paths templates

Get a head start with templates for various learning paths.

With Klen, you'll never have to search for a template again. Use our pre-drawn template to outline your learning path and get a head start on the process of learning your new skill! It's so useful that it can be used across almost anything that requires a learning curve.

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Keeps your students on time and your data organized

The easiest solution to keep track of your classes and students.

Manage all of your classes, quizzes, tests without any hassle. You can view the progress of your students as well as analyse their performance in each subject.

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We help you teach what you want,
how you want.

We're currently in private beta. We're primarily targeting teams. Applications will be screened based on fit.

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