For remote schools and educators

The learning experience built for humans.

Klen is the platform for teachers and trainers to build, deliver, and track training programs. With Klen, you can easily create and manage the lessons that build on what they already know, teach them new skills, and assess their progress along the way.

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Learning at the speed of thought

Easily Create and Organise Lessons

Create your learning spaces the way you want it.

With Klen you can aggregate and create all your content in one place. You will have a customised environment where you can organise it as you wish.  It has a built in doc editor, with the creation tools you are used to and everything else that makes lessons great.

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Real Time Student Monitoring

The easiest way to track and analyze student performance in real time.

Built in surveys to track and understand how students are performing. Klen's student data dashboard provides the power to see all of your student data, assess progress, and identify trends.

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Learners Helping Learners

The world's first community based learning platform.

Klen is a tool that enables students to exchange ideas, collaborate and learn together, this is done by allowing them to post quizzes, submit assignments, provide relevant feedback and receive instant feedback from their learning community.

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For remote school and educators

What Klen does

The Klen platform is not only built on collaboration between students but also with the teacher through the transparent display of student progress, allowing teachers an improved understanding of their students. Below is a round up of some those features.

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An editor with built in templates.

Create lessons with a built in editor with versioning.  Iterate and create faster across educators and courses.

Commenting and Notes

A collaborative space that centralises all comments, notes and questions in one place.

Onboarding students and teachers

Automate your school's student lifecycle: Streamline your student on-boarding process by automating account activation and permissions

One place for all your submissions.

Centralise all submissions and aggregate all links and feedback for students aggregated in one place.

Built in personalised learning paths for students

Klen is a platform where students and teachers can collaboratively construct rich, personalised study plans.

Coming soon

Complete multiplayer mode.

A complete multiplayer experience that allows everyone to go through lessons and exercises at the same time.

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We're currently in private beta. We're primarily targeting teams. Applications will be screened based on fit.

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